Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Deli Magazine and present: many bands @asterisk, 1/14/06

This was a nice, cozy, fast paced show in the neat little venue known as Asterisk artspace. There are two different rooms there, so the bands played one after the other in rapid fire fashion. Situated in the scrappy, up-and-coming neighborhood of Bushwicksburg, Brooklyn, Asterisk is a space for people to make and exhibit exciting new art and music. They also have a crazy dog. and are awesome and you should click on them.

The F-holes

The F-holes played first and were greeted by a crowd of shocked and awed faces. Everyone in the room went silent for the first song, a relentless barrage of punk rock hate. At the end of the 30 seconds, the faces lit up and the bodies went into motion as the next song began. This was a short-song kind of band, and the ADD-stricken children of McKibben street liked the idea. The members of the band combined fisty guitar, tinny drums, and baritone sax to create a skrony whirlwind of sound over which the lead singer, this totally hot girl in a misfits t-shirt, screeched, yelled, and crooned, driving the audience to frenzied madness one moment, and lulling them into lustful fantasies the next. I urge you to tell everyone you care about at all of this band, because they will not be playing $8 shows for long.

Ok, so enough with the masturbation. It was a fun fun set and there were lots of people we didn't know there (definitely a first!) One highlight was when the Asterisk dog (half pitbull, half boxer), driven mad by all the rock, started jumping on me and nipping at me while I was singing. I sang-screamed into the dog's face for a few seconds; this drove the dog away. She then concentrated on Josh, biting his strumming and fingering arms alternately, until my boyfriend bravely pulled her off him. We played all our fastest loudest songs. Soon-to-be classics like Killer Vagina and Eat Shit Fuck Off seemed to get the crowd a-boppin. I jumped around more than I usually do, and realized how tiring it was to give performing and singing your all both at once. How the fuck did Henry Rollins do it? I was so sweaty. I wanted to take my shirt off but I didn't wanna lose my indie cred, so instead I just poured water all over myself. The last song, Clever Monkey, is a slow burning rock ballad-turned-crazy-screamfest, and people seemed to like that one the most. I sang and screamed and screamed. My throat is really scratchy today. I would appreciate some tips on how to keep the vocal chords strong and healthy. Tina?

The Unsacred Hearts

The Unsacred Hearts started playing in the other room before we were done, so I didn't get to catch all of their set. I ran over right after though, and saw some good shit. Their music is kind of like ours, in that it is mostly plain old back to basics punk, with a little new stuff thrown in. The singer utilizes a sort of song-speech (or as Wagner would call it, sprechstimme) reminiscent of the technique used by Black Flag era punk bands. It was fun music and it got me bouncing up and down. I especially liked the song that went something like "hey lacky dacky oy" or some such nonsensical phrase. Unsacred Hearts, you make me smile.

Plastic East

The thing about this band was, they all wore matching sunglasses. Pretty cute, no? They played catchy, classic, jammy down home rock music. It reminded me of "the barn" back home in ct, where us baby boomletters would go in our moms' and dads' old clothes to dance to grateful dead cover bands and do drugs, before it got shut down cause drugs are "bad for kids." (I only went there once or twice, I swear it!) It gave me the same sort of feeling, like I'd smoked too much pot and was having my feet moved by infectious music I was not supposed to like; or, as some might call it, "groovy." This band is definitely parent friendly (unless you're like, way older than me and don't have baby boomers for parents). You should take your dad when he's in town.

Dirty Excuse

This band was really fun in an 80's metal sort of way. Imagine "hot for teacher" being played by girls in this year of our lord 2006 and you will basically have Dirty Excuse. I like 80's metal and girl bands and 2006 just fine, so this is a.o.k. with me. The singer/bassist has a great gravelly rock voice, and some fast fingers to boot. She also makes good rock face. The two guitarists were both pretty sick, taking some nicely timed solos to show off their virtuosity. And the drummer (the only guy in the band) also had some rather extended cadenzas. Their songs were a little on the long side due to these cadenzas, but hey folks, they're just living on the edge.

After Dirty Excuse I got pretty hungry so I went to Foodswings to shamefully devour a fried fake-meat sandwich coated in buffalo sauce. (More veggies in 2006 my ever-growing ass!) When I got back the concert was basically over. I am still working on my journalistic stay-power. Maybe if someone were to comment on this blog it would encourage me. Anyway, it was a mega fun night and I highly reccomend Asterisk to anyone seeking a good concert-party. It was still pretty full when I got back around 1am. Clearly Williamsburg is over. East Bushwicksburg is where it's at now, kids. Just don't forget to eat your vegetables.